Sorry, Right Number (Brian Berkowitz)

Title: Sorry, Right Number (2005) (USA)
Runtime: 19′
Director(s): Brian Berkowitz
(Script-)writer(s): Brian Berkowitz
Producer(s): Bo Buckley, Eric Holloway
Cast: Barbara Weetman, Woody Stefl, Darrin Stevens, Karla Droege, Michael Brady, Hannah Prince, Karoline Striplin, Nikky Swerdlin, Mary Guss, Kimberly D’Armond (Kim D’Armond), John Kwiatkowski
Additional Crew: Joe Ashlar, Matt Mosher, Jennifer Long


Katie receives a distressing phone call from an unknown source that is abruptly disconnected. Fearing someone is in danger, she desperately tries to contact family members. Based on the short story from the Master of Macabre, this twisting tale will leave viewers in suspense until the very end in true Stephen King fashion.

“Sorry, Right Number” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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