All that you love will be carried away (L.A. Dubos)

Title: All that you love will be carried away (2021) Bandera de Francia
Runtime: 18′
Director: L.A. Dubos
Script: L.A. Dubos
Cast: Dan Cardoso, Eszter Ambrózi, Audrey Dubos, Nathalie Brichet.


Alfie Zimmer loves his wife but doesn’t tell her anymore, and he hates his job but doesn’t tell it either. Toilets, vulgar graffiti: real poems to him, and a notebook to list it. To never forget it. So one night, he books a room in a motel, down the hall, on the ground floor, not to sleep in it, but to die in it. The gun on the chin, a crazy idea cross his mind: what if he publish his book? What if he does what he really wants? To live, fully, or to die?

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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