The Doctor’s Case (James Douglas)

Title: The Doctor’s Case (2018) (CAN)
Runtime: 1h 05′
Based on the story: The Doctor’s Case
Director(s): James Douglas & Leonard Pearl
(Script-)writer(s): James Douglas
Producer(s): Kyle Bachman, Jana Phillips, Norm Coyne, James Feragen, Brent Marshall
Cast: William B. Davis, Michael Coleman, J. P. Winslow, Ian Case, Erin Fitzgerald, Joanna Douglas, Brendan Bailey, Denise Crosby, Andrew Hamilton, Michelle Lieffertz, Stewart Cawood, Glenn MacRae, Shawna Berry, Dustin Allen, Danettte Boucher, Rachel Cook, Lisa Hinds, Christina Patterson, James Thwaites, Anne Legg Lynch, Gaelan Bleasdale, Katelyn Escott, Evan Melnyk, Brady Stark, Finn Lynch, Monica Joan Ogden, Christopher Cooley, Darshan Sangha, Ted Rogers, Sandy Oklen, Colin Plant, Keenan Thwaites, Cam Culham, Chris Lynch, Keith Perry, Brady Bedard, Kieran Dunch, David Radford.
Additional Crew: Jeremy Breaks, Ken Hiwatt Marshall, Maria Lui, Stuey Kubrick, Ian MacDougall

Failed Robber Attempt Blamed for Violent Death of Lord Hull – An article written by Tom Douglas.

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When a diabolical English lord is murdered, Sherlock Holmes and Watson must unexpectedly exchange roles in order to solve “the perfect locked room mystery.”

“The Doctor’s Case” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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