Stud City (Sean Parlaman)

Title: Stud City (1999/2000) (USA)
Runtime: unknown (never produced)
Director(s): Sean Parlaman (Sean Simmons)
(Script-)writer(s): Sean Parlaman (Buzz Parlaman)
Producer(s): unknown
Cast: unknown
Additional Crew: Karen Money Williams (scripteditor)


Edward “Chico” May is a hardened and bitter 19-year-old unhappily still living at home in Castle Rock, Oregon. We see him on a stormy November night in 1963 during a sexual encounter with a girl from school named Jane Tessio. Although this is her first sexual experience, Chico displays little more than indifference towards her and seems lost in his own little world. Afterwards, he takes her home, stopping along the way to gas up his VW Bug, and returns to his house where he gets into an angry argument with is father and step mother. The fight, and his uncontrollable hatred of his step mother, sends him out into the night, away from his home and family and towards an uncertain future.

“Stud City” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

This film project and script was approved by Stephen King in 1999.
Filming will take place in November 2000
Some pages of film script Stud City (the script is not available) © Bernd Lautenslager (Sept 2023)

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