Strawberry spring (Doveed Linder)

Title: Strawberry spring (2001) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 8′
Director: Doveed Linder
Script: Doveed Linder
Cast: Greg Lock, Eric Spudic, Jeremiah Alley, Adam Hackbarth, Robert Nolan Clark, Rosemary Garris, Morgan Hatch, Craig Hawksley, BJ Lange, Jennifer Losi, Chuck McKiel, Jamie Rivera, Brock Roberts, Joe Russell, Mary Schnitzler, Dave Schuetz, Alicia Skirball, Eric Stanze, David Wassilak.

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When a mysterious stalker strikes at a small campus, the some students find themselves stunned and terrified by the going-ons around them. One student, however, becomes fascinated with the murders.

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