The Man Who Loved Flowers (Adrian Warren)

Title: The Man Who Loved Flowers (2004) (UK)
Runtime: 6′
Director(s): Adrian Warren
(Script-)writer(s): Adrian Warren
Producer(s): Adrian Warren
Cast: Rachael Spence, Tim Holmes, Pat Kelman, Janita Appa
Additional Crew: Simon Reay, Ray Sadie, Justin Bryant, Tom Hines

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A young man who buys flowers for his love interest, but he is eventually revealed to be a serial killer who went insane after his lover’s supposed death

“That Man Who Loved Flowers” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

Simon Reay: This was a dollar baby short shot in 2001 on 16mm.
Adrian organised it with the SK foundation and applied for permission.
Adrian sadly died in 2017.
November5, 2023

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