In the Deathroom (S. Gary Sangha)

Title: In the Deathroom (2022) (ENG)
Runtime: 23′
Director(s): S. Gary Sangha
(Script-)writer(s): S. Gary Sangha
Producer(s): Chris Bunyan
Cast: Nuakai Aru, Azzurra Caccetta, Colin Adrian, Christian Bevan, Cassian Xander Sangha, Garth Bardsley, Sarebjit Singh, Tina Skryzpiec
Additional Crew: George Burt, Alex Martin

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David is dragged in to the Deathroom, a place of notoriety and pain, from where very few comeback alive. But David has his own reasons for being there.

“In the Deathroom” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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