Rest Stop (Franco Pinacchio)

Title: Rest Stop (2018) (USA)
Runtime: 35′
Director(s): Franco Pinacchio
(script-)writer(s): Stephen Allure, Matt Turner
Producer(s): Stephen Allure, Matt Turner, Gary Lee Vincent
Cast: Gregory Bromfield, Alexandra Burdick, Shay Speer Carelly, Shannon Castellon, Christina Chickis, Dawnelle Jewell, Marissa Kendzerski, Ashley Krnaich, Michael Z. Morris, Rachel Oblack, Emily Olah, Jill Porada, Tara Scheible, Kim Serafini, Eric Sharpe, Tyler Sharpe, Brandi Stecik, Kirk Stecik, Evan Stone, Gary Lee Vincent, Ingrid Young


A chance meeting between two strangers at a rest stop may have solved a decades old mystery

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