Stephen King’s Dollar Baby Film Festival

It’s been almost five years ago that there was an official Dollar Baby Film Festival in the USA. Thanks to Hadrian Belove from Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles ( Can we inform you that on October 2nd & 3rd an Dollar Baby Film Festival is.

Address: 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles
Tickets: FREE admission/$10 suggested donation or call (323) 655-2510

Day 1:
* John Woodward – Disciples of the Crow
* Jeffrey C. Schiro – The Boogeyman
* James Cole – The Last Rung on the Ladder
* James Gonis – The Lawnmower man
* Jay Holben – Paranoid
* Doveed Linder – Strawberry Spring

Feature film: Riding the Bullet (Mick Garris) With Q&A time!

Day 2:
* Home Delivery – Elio Quiroga
* Rainy Season – Nick Wauters
* My Pretty Pony – Mikhail Tank
* The Boogeyman – Gerard Lough
* Luckey Quarter – Rob Cochrane
* The Man Who Loved Flowers – Chris Harrison
* Grey Matter – James B. Cox
* Cain Rose Up – Jeven Dovey
* Flowers for Norma – Juan Reinoso
* Cain Rose Up – Rob Livings

Feature film: Everything’s Eventual (J.P. Scott) With Q&A time!

L-R Mick Garris (“Riding the Bullet”), Hadrian Belove (Cinefamily manager), Dan Thron (“Last Rung”), James Cole (“Last Rung”), Jeff Schiro (“The Boogeyman”), James Gonis (“the Lawnmower Man”), Robert Cochrane (“Luckey Quarter”), Doveed Linder (“Strawberry Spring”), John Woodward (“Disciples of the Crow”)

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