Stephen King Dollar Baby: The Book (Anthony Northrup)

Stephen King Dollar Baby: The Book coming Spring 2021! Anthony Northrup (the author) has been doing Dollar Baby interview/film reviews since 2013 and hosted two Stephen King Dollar Baby Film fests since then.

The first section of the book is full of contributor essays, fun facts, and a lot of surprises with an introduction by Stephen Spignesi and Preface by Richard Chizmar, art by Glenn Chadbourne, and graphic book cover design by Paul Michael Kane. Here are all 55 Dollar Babies who made it in the book!

Billy Hanson, James B. Cox, Dean Werner, Maria Ivanova, Rodney Altman, Damon Vinyard, Jay Holben, Ranjeet S Marwa, James Cole, James Gonis, Pablo Macho Maysonet IV, Robert Cochrane, Doveed Linder, Jeff Schiro, Mando Franco, James Renner, J.P. Scott, Tony Pomfret, Patrick Abernethy, Drew Newman, Corey Norman, Shawn S. Lealos, Peter Szabo, Justin Zimmerman, Max Heesch, Warren Ray, Dave Brock, Jacob Sanders, Joe Kowalski, Vanessa Ionta Wright, James Douglas, Selina Sondermann, Stephen Tramontana, Jackie Perez, Bryan Higby, Jennifer Trudrung, A.J. Gribble, Jon Leo, Dan Sellers, Hendrik Harms, Mark Zimmerman, Brian Johnson, Nicole Jones-Dion, Marie D. Jones, Rob Darren Newberger, J.B. Horning, Mark Hensley, Nick Smith, Will Roberts, Red Clark, Jenny Januszewski-Mendoza, Patrick Haischberger, Gino Alfonso, Nathan Gathergood, Maciej Barczewski.

The second section of the book will be the interviews/reviews and other features. Here is the final list of contribuitors!

James Cole, Andrew J. Rausch, David Tocher, Hans-aka Lilja, Kevin Quigley, Tommy McLoughlin, Bryan Higby, Óscar Garrido, Robin Furth, Tonya Ivey, Peter Holland, James Douglas, Billy Hanson, Jay Holben, Nicole Jones-Dion, Tina Rooker, Hans von Wirth, Amber Pace, Brooklyn Ann, Nathan Monsour, Nick Kaufman, Curt Destler, Karen Steinley Beaudrie, Frank Lewis, Tina Navarro, Amy Baker, Sara Kinney, Terri Nielsen, LaWanda Odom, Monica Wooddall, Tifaine L Lafrance, Greg Buchner.

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